KRKroad: Perfect Pitch Edition

Learn how to pitch and meet investors and corporate representatives

23-24.10.2017, Kraków

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About the program

This year we want to prepare the startups to pitch perfectly to investors and corporations. Currently there is a significant amount of funding available in Polish Startup Ecosystem. But how to take advantage of it? How to convince the Investor to choose your project over this others? How to stand out from hundreds of other project? How to get attention of decision maker in a corporation? This program is aimed to teach you how to show why you are better than the others.

You will get a chance to present in front of and speak with representatives of Investors and Corporations that will be present at the Demo Day. You will get valuable feedback, train your pitching and maybe convince them to work with you further. You will boost your chances of attracting a good investor or joining longer acceleration or incubation program.

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Learn how to pitch and meet investors and corporate representatives

Program’s benefits

Get feedback

Challenge your business idea with experienced entrepreneurs and investors


Pitch is key to success, learn how to do it perfectly


There always is competition, discover great ways to present competitive background


Meet in person investors from Venture Capital Funds


Get a chance to show your project to representatives of big companies

Demo day

Present your project during the Demo Day in front of investors and corporate partners

Winter is coming! Win your own Air Purfier just by attending the event

(and downloading the Dragon Events app)

How to win the Prize for the Audience?

You don't have to participate in the program with your project to win the Prize. Just come to our Demo Day and you will get a chance to win Mi Air Purifier 2.

1. Join the Demo Day event

Find us on facebook and join the event

2. Download Dragon Events App

You can find it on App Store and Google Play

3. Come to the Demo Day

on 24th of October at 18.00 at KPT, Podole 60

4. Answer a few questions

Look for special sign, scan it and answer a question as fast as possible

5. Win the Xiaomi Air Purifier 2

The fastest person who will correctly answer questions from KRKroad Demo Day will win the prize

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How the training will look like?

By working on the content

we will help you to prepare the content that the Investors and Corporates will love (lub will like and understand lub will understand and find interesting)

By working on the visuals

good deck is not only content, it’s important also how it looks like, let's make it look great!

By letting you pitch in front of us and providing feedback

we will tell you where you could improve, expand or shorten your pitch, where to put emphasis and what to skip to make the most of the time you have

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Monday - 23.10*

Pitch Training Day

The way to Perfect PitchWorkshops and Consultations
Lunch break
The way to Perfect PitchWorkshops

Tuesday - 24.10*

Challenge and Demo Day

Challenge your startup ideaMeet our partners and challenge your startups ideas
Biotech startups - basicLecturesStartups for beginners - how dose it works?
Demo dayOpening
Partners presentationLecturesAkcelerator Biznesowy Orange - podejście, szanse, korzyści Olimp Laboratories - partner naukowy i biznesowy we wdrażaniu innowacji Case study - projekty biotech z perspektywy funduszu
Demo dayAward ceremonyjoin FB event
Beer & PrizesNetworking


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See you there!

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by filling the form or contact us on

The most important is your pitchdeck. If you don’t have it write a short description of your project.
If your pitchdeck is too large or not supported type apply via email

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